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Platinum End Release Date, Plot, And Cast

Platinum End: Official Release Date, Plot, And Cast

The Creator of Death Note and Bakuman’s New Anime ” Platinum End “, is an anime adaptation of the Manga

Overlord season 4 release date (1)

Overlord Season 4: Official Release Date, Plot, And Cast

After a long wait of two years, the anime-adaption of Overlord season 4 and overlord movie has been announced recently.

samsung waifu samsung anime girl

Samsung Waifu Have Gone Viral Overnight !

The New Samsung Assistant or Samsung waifu has taken the internet over a storm and literally became popular overnight. Samsung


Best Iyashikei anime Healing Anime

10 Best Iyashikei Anime [ Healing Anime ]

Most weebs start their anime journey with a shounen anime or anime-like death note but in the world of billion

japanese anime movies

10 Best Japanese Anime Movies To Watch in 2021

While the popular animation series get the spotlight among anime fans, anime movies that are fantastically made have gained a

Best High School Romance Anime 2021

15 Best High School Romance Anime [Updated 2021]

Last time we have asked which anime genre we should provide the list of recommended animes, With the most vote

Top 5 Anime to watch in Summer 2021

Top 5 New Anime To Watch In Summer 2021

As the spring season is close to ending, we have to look forward to summer and it’s about to just

Naruto Movies in Order Complete List

Naruto Movies in Order: Complete List

We have created a reel down of Naruto Movies in Order that are released so far, Naruto was the most

10 Best Gambling Anime Of All Time [ Updated 2021 ]

10 Best Gambling Anime Of All Time [ Updated 2021 ]

Cards and gambling essentially go together like salt and pepper, throw anime in the blend and you get perhaps the

Best Netflix Original Anime netflix anime on neflix

+15 Best Netflix Original Anime Series to Watch in 2021

Netflix has become the second most popular streaming service provider for anime. Netflix has obtained exclusive international distribution for some


Top 10 Must Watch Anime On Netflix

Actually, Anime can be found anywhere on the internet. There are tons of anime that you want to watch. Are

One Piece Movies In Order

One Piece Movies In Order: Complete List 2021

As a One Piece fan, when I come to know that there are One Piece movies too, then I search

one piece filler list one one piece filler and canon list

One Piece Filler List : Complete list [ Update 2021 ]

In This article, we have created the One Piece filler list with all the filler, canon, and mixed canon/filler episodes