10 Cursed Anime Images That Can Break The Internet

Today, I searched online for the top cursed images and dig deep in the ocean of the internet to find the scariest and disturbing images. Anime is made to give a refreshing feeling but these cursed images are made to give an uneasy feeling. Here are these 10 Cursed Anime Images That Can Break The Internet, which will violate the law and make our anime cuties look horrible or disturbing that will hunt you at night.


1. Yami and Noelle (Black Clover)


 Yami and Noelle (Black Clover)


Isn’t Yami cute? Well sure he does look cute in this image but what the f***k!! why it has to be Noelle. Have you ever thought about this face swap? Now you have seen your waifu Noelle to be swapped with Yami. I know it feels so bad and I don’t want to see this in my dream after hurting my eyes.

2. Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter)


Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter)


This is truly terrifying when to see Hisoka in that form, after all, he is one of my favorite character from Hunter x Hunter. I hope you don’t get any bad dream and don’t forget to turn off your light while looking at Hisoka.

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3. You Watanabe (Love Live)


You Watanabe (Love Live)


This is the true example of why an anime character has no nose and this edit shows the exact thing. Anime girls are made to look cute and attractive so they can become our waifu.

4. Levi Ackerman (Attack On Titans)


 Levi Ackerman (Attack On Titans)


OMG!!! They ruined his handsome face. I have never imagined that Levi would smile like that. It is really a cursed smile and the true example of why anime has no real-life teeth.

5. Shoto (My Hero Academia)


Shoto (My Hero Academia)


Isn’t she beautiful? Look how the nail polish suits Shoto… LMAO…NOO!! It’s horrible to see Shoto like this because I never imagined that those plumpy lips will suit him but he doesn’t deserve it.

6. Light Yagami (Death Note)


Light Yagami (Death Note)


To be honest this kind of face swap terrifies me sometimes! This truly is a frightful nightmare. Can you see what Light Yagami doing? Probably noting down the name of the person who done this with his face.

7. Midoriya and All Might (My Hero Academia)


Midoriya and All Might (My Hero Academia)


It looks Pocu no academia more than Boku no Pico. After looking at this edit the way of seeing Midoriya has changed completely. It might take some time to forget this. This is the worst outcome when I was searching cursed images.

8. Tsumugi (K-On!)


Tsumugi (K-On!)


This Image scared the shit out of me. Oh my god, what I have seen! This is why anime has no real-life eyes and teeth. I wonder if you can sleep well after watching this cursed image. The way Tsumugi smiling is horrible I might not get any sleep after watching this image.

9. Pain (Naruto)


 Pain (Naruto)


This Pain looks like he is suffering from a terrible trauma and he seems in severe pain. I don’t think that it matches any facial recognization.

10. Luffy (One Piece)

Luffy (One Piece)


This is really a cursed image whoever made this won’t have waifu dreams in life. Luffy already looks so funny and withered, now he looks weird and wilts as well. After seeing this I might have the same image in mind while watching One Piece.




There is still plenty of cursed images to show from my gallery but these are the chosen ones that have been cursed my night. I might not get enough sleep because these 10 cursed anime images keep popping into my brain. I hope you will sleep well and don’t forget to tell me which cursed image you like most in the comment.

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