15 Best Indian Anime Characters

Today, we will be covering 15 Best Indian Anime Characters. India has too many cultures and also known as one of the oldest civilization in the world. There are things we don’t know about India is that they can’t distinguish between anime and cartoon.

Every anime that aired in India or is being aired has been seen as cartoons but now these days our new generation has obsessed with Japanese anime.

Japan is very famous for its anime culture in the world. Do you know that there are few anime characters that represent Indian culture? In this list, I’ll be picking the best anime characters inspired by Indian culture.


1. Eclair (Fairy Tale)




Eclair is from the very famous anime Fairy Tale. As you can see Eclair’s outfit reminiscent of the traditional Indian sari designed with a primarily scarlet colour scheme while framed around the side with a yellow, and bangles she is wearing. Because of the sari, Eclair resembles an Indian woman.


2. Bishamonten (Noragami)


Bishamonten (Noragami)


Bishamonten is not from India but her power represents Indian Gods. Bishamonten is based on one of the Four Heavenly Kings in Mahayana Buddhism, who has dedicated himself to safeguarding the Buddha. Her power is a reimagination of Vaiśravana, the weaponized deity of war and punisher of sinners.


3. Ganesha (DanMachi)


Ganesha (DanMachi)


In DanMachi or Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, The story takes place in the fictional city of Orario to when gods all came down seeking excitement, and this is where Ganesha comes from. He is a colourful character who wears an elephant mask and fancy jewellery. Ganesha is a supreme Hindu god with the head of an elephant attached to a Human body.


4. Agni (Black Butler)


Agni (Black Butler)


Agni is one of the respectful servants of prince soma. He represents the God of fire in Hinduism, who is also known as the fire which is the meaning of Agni (Agni is an Indian word and meaning of fire in Hindi). Agni is an Immortal ancient god, is known to manifest himself in various forms, including lighting and the sun.


5. Janet (Black Lagoon)


Janet (Black Lagoon)


Janet is an Indian character. She is an Indian money launderer in the dark anime series Black Lagoon. She was benny’s girlfriend in the series. she gets threatened by Revy because the former threatened to involve Rock in an orgy.


6. Mina (Black Butler)


Mina (Black Butler)


Mina has also served prince soma in the series. She left India to become Herold West Job’s trophy wife that’s a character in the series. She made her anime debut in episode 14 of the first season of the series.


7. Rakshata Chawla (Code Geass)


Rakshata Chawla (Code Geass)


Rakshata Chawla is a fictional character of the series Code Geass. She is an Indian scientist and the head of the Black Knights’ research and development team in code geass. As you can see – Her appearance purple bindi on her forehead resembles an Indian woman.


8. Jeryy (D.Gray-man)


Jeryy (D.Gray-man)


Jeryy is an Indian character in D.gray-man series. He plays a supporting character in the series. He’s also a chef in anime and knows the fighting style of Muay-thai.

9. Rajendra (Arslan Senki)


Rajendra (Arslan Senki)


Rajendra – a half-brother to Gadevi and a provisional ally to Arslan, is cunning, cruel and will do anything for the throne. Related to Lelouch from Code Geass. Rajendra later becomes King and then kills off his brother: Gadevi for the throne. The same brother he guaranteed not to murder his father.


10. Silat (Berserk)


Silat (Berserk)


Silat is a character based on the traditional Rajput warriors of India. He’s a powerful character who can even compete equally with Guts (main character). Silat’s arsenal of weapons is based on the Rajput arsenal, such as araa, chakram and talvar – these weapons belong to Indian tradition known as weapons of war. Silat’s fighting style is also based on the Indian Martial arts: Kalaripayattu.


11. Aishwarya Rai (Digimon)


Aishwarya Rai (Digimon)


Aishwarya Rai’s one of the creators of unnatural life forms, which later becomes Digimon. She’s also one of the important parts throughout the Digimon anime. She is a member of the Monster Makers the group that created the artificial life forms that would eventually evolve into Digimon. Aishwarya appears to be named after Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, an Indian film actress and model.


12. Meena (Dinosaur King)


Meena (Dinosaur King)


If you are from India then I’m sure you have watched Dinosaur King in your childhood days or school days. Meena is an Indian princess and is one of the official components of the D-team.


13. Jaswant (Arslan Senki)


Jaswant (Arslan Senki)


Jaswant – son of Mahendra, is faithful to his dad and the Kingdom of Shindhura. He carries dignity in working for his empire, with strong morals. Never stammering to stand for justice, his morals or values.


14. Gadevi (Arslan Senki)


Gadevi (Arslan Senki)


Gadevi is from the Kingdom of Shindhura currently is part of Pakistan but is also a part of Ancient India. He is a prince having competition from his brother – Rajendra for the throne of the Sindhura kingdom. This conflict is very related to the kind of wars we’ve seen throughout history for the throne.


15. Amitabh Kapoor (Darker than Black)


Amitabh Kapoor (Darker than Black)


Amitabh Kapoor’s a contractor whose capacity is to maintain the bodies of humans. He doesn’t have his personality, so he possesses the body of a Caucasian man who was his former assistant. Amitabh Kapoor is an Indian Name (like Amitabh Bachchan, a famous film Actor).


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Conclusion: 15 Best Indian Anime Characters


Some of the characters are not Indian they just resemble or similar to recognize as an Indian. In India, we don’t have our own Anime but only cartoons – Most of the people in India don’t know the difference between anime and cartoon. Anime shows Human emotions and has more violent and sexual themes.


On the other hand, if we talk about cartoons, it’s made to laugh people and they are so comical. That is why India has less anime series or there no anime you can say but just cartoons. You will only find animated movies in the Indian film industry.



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