5 New Romance Animes of Spring 2021

Love, passion, why do we get caught up by such troublesome feelings? The mind couldn’t ever get things straight, and you lose control to know what is sensible. Deep down it’s all so vexing. – Usui Takumi (Maid Sama)

Some people like to watch true romances, some like to watch romcoms and some like to cry a lot, a good example is “Clannad”. When we come to tearjerkers, have you ever cried while watching a romance anime? or laugh like you never before?. Well, these anime displays happiness and hardships of falling in love, or where a schoolgirl or schoolboy has an unrequited crush on her senpai or classmate, or a love triangle happens in a group of friends.

There are anime where Mc is blunt, but girls around him fight for him or do something pervy to get his attention and become rivals. Here we have some romance anime that’s airing right now or about to finish.

5. The Way of the Husband

Based on a Japanese manga series “Gokushufudō”, written and illustrated by Kousuke Oono. The manga was published in the online manga magazine Kurage Bunch in 2018. This anime follows an ex-yakuza boss who retires from the crime to become a househusband.

In this anime, Tatsu, who once single-handedly defeated a rival gang with a lead pipe, chooses his life as househusband and retired from being a yakuza also known as “Immortal Tatsu or dragon”. But becoming a househusband has its own challenges from supermarket to failures in the kitchen.

4. Higehiro

Higehiro is a Japanese romcom light novel series written by Shimesaba and illustrated by boota. Soon an anime television series adaptation by Project No. 9 started airing in April 2021. The story follows a runway high school girl who has nowhere to go, sitting under a lamp post and waiting for someone to pick her up.

26-year-old salaryman, Yoshida after being rejected by her coworker senpai. Drunk and disappointed Yoshida finds a girl sitting under a lamppost, couldn’t see her like that, and talked to her. She needed a place to stay at night so she tried to seduce him but he rejected her and let her stay at his home.

3. Koikimo

People say – Once you fall for someone, you can’t stop the love and let it flow like a river until it meets the mouth.

In the Koikimo, a handsome businessman who is loose with women named Amakusa Ryou. Ryou is a womanizer who used to bring a woman every day into the home. Well, it’s a bit rude to say he is a womanizer because of his looks every girl wants to spend time with him but he never fell for someone.

Once a 17-year-old high school student, named Ichika Arima saved Amakusa from falling down the stairs and giving him her lunch in hurry, gets his unintended attention. By chance, he finds that Ichika is his sister’s best friend and started asking about ichika. He sends one flower every day to her house to show his love.

But is it really love? or he is just messing with her? If it is really loving, what will happen with this unbalanced love story? Well, you will know when you watch Koikimo.

2. Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro

This anime is similar to “Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!” where a student teases her introverted loner senpai and encourages him, as well as crushing on him. Don’t toy with me, Miss Nagatoro is a rom-com anime where a student has a crush on senpai but he is so blunt that he can’t figure it out. Hence, she tortures him to get his attention in return.

A high schooler Hayase Nagatoro loves to spend her free time doing one thing and that is bully her senpai. Nagatoro and her friends find enjoyment in bullying the introverted senpai. She visits him daily and keeps playing her cruel game so that she can force him into doing whatever interests her.

1. Osamake

A harem rom-com anime, the Main character in this anime is Sueharu Maru, a 17-year-old high school boy who has never had a girlfriend. But his childhood friend Shida Kuroha seems to have feelings for him. She lives next door with her sisters, being the one caring onee-san type is her greatest strength.

But, Sueharu already has his first love for a beautiful idol of his school, her name is Kachi Shirosuka who’s known as the award-winning author. Sueharu thinks that he has a chance because she walks home from school, talks only to him with a smile! That’s how he thought until he finds out that shirosuka already has a boyfriend.


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There are many animes that I haven’t mentioned in the list but these animes I’m currently watching right now. By the time if you start any anime from this 5 Romance anime, maybe I will have finished it. But don’t worry we have more to offer in our next article.

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