10 Best Gambling Anime Of All Time [ Updated 2021 ]

Cards and gambling essentially go together like salt and pepper, throw anime in the blend and you get perhaps the best mix in entertainment history!

Gambling provides stimulation and excitement. The action and excitement of gambling can be used as a form of escapism which relates to most of the weebs who watch anime. So, we have created a reel down of 10+ best gambling anime of all time but before let’s clear what is gambling anime.


What is Gambling Anime?

A. Gambling Anime has high-stakes, high-risk, which allows for a brief, psychological play that forces characters to their brinks with or without their consent. Watching interesting characters win and lose it all up close and personal in these anime.



10. Yu-Gi-Oh!




  • MAL Rating: 7.20
  • Creator: Kazuki Takahashi

Yu-gi-oh was one of my childhood anime, Yu-Gi-Oh! tells the Story of Yugi Mutou, a timid young boy who loves all sorts of games, but is often bullied around.

One day, he solves an ancient puzzle known as the Millennium Puzzle, causing his body to play host to a mysterious spirit with the personality of a gambler.


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9. C: The Money of Soul And Possibility Control


C: The Money of Soul And Possibility Control


C: Control 

  • MAL Rating: 7.22
  • Director: Kenji Nakamura

C: Control is a story of a second-year economics university student “Kimimaro Yoga”, One day a strange with a top hat named Masakaki, Petitions him to come to the Eastern Financial District, which is on an alternate realm a place where money flows in abundance if one offers their “future” as collateral.

Yoga must quickly adapt to this new world if he hopes to protect his fortune and future—and discover just how much money is truly worth.


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8. Touhai Densetsu Akagi: Yami ni Maiorita tensai


Touhai Densetsu Akagi: Yami ni Maiorita tensai


The Legend of Mahjong: Akagi

  • MAL Rating: 7.94
  • Director: Yuzo Sato

On a cold and stormy night, Akagi Shigeru crawled out of the ocean, stumbled into a dingy waterfront Mahjong parlor and into a rough Mahjong game.

Nangou was heavily in debt and had been offered a chance to gamble it away by the yakuza. If that did not work, they had made sure that his life insurance policy would more than cover what he owed them. That evening’s tiles had not been kind to Nangou and with nothing left to lose, he decided to take a chance and let the thirteen-year-old Akagi play in his place.

The events of that evening are still quietly spoken about, of how a rank beginner beat the yakuza rep (or professional) player. It was that night that the legend of Akagi – the genius or monster of the Mahjong game – was born.


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7. Legendary gambler Tetsuya


Legendary gambler Tetsuya


Shoubushi Densetsu Tetsuya

  • MAL Rating: 7.52
  • Director: Nobutaka Nishizawa

In the year 1947, the people of Shinjuku are down on their luck. With little money to buy food or necessities, some resort to gambling in order to survive.

Traveling Tetsuya chooses to spend his time at Mahjong parlors where he is wiping the floor clean with his adversaries. However, when Tetsuya meets the intensely skilled Boushu-san, he realizes that his skills are still lacking.


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6. Death Parade


Death Parade


  • MAL Rating: 8.19
  • Director: Yuzuru Tachikawa

Whenever someone dies, you go to either heaven or hell, but they are sent to one of many mysterious bars run by bartenders serving as arbiters inside a tower in the afterlife.

There, they must compete in Death Games with their souls on the line, the results of which reveal what secrets led them to their situation and what their fate will be afterward, with the arbiters judging if their souls will either be sent for reincarnation or banished into the void.

The series follows Decim, the lone bartender of the bar where people who died at the same time are sent to, known as the Quindecim bar, and his assistant.


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5. No Game, No Life


No Game No Life


  • MAL Rating: 8.16
  • Director: Atsuko Ishizuka

One day, Step siblings Sora and Shiro, Two legendary gamer who wins every game and go by the name of ” Blank ” are challenged to a game of chess by Tet ( God ).

As the result, the god gathers them to Disboard, a reality where taking, war, and killing are illegal, and all issues are chosen through games, including public lines and surprisingly individuals’ lives.

Expecting to maintain their reputation as the undefeated gamers, Sora and Shiro plan to vanquish the sixteen races of Disboard and to usurp the divine god of games.


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4. Saki


saki anime


  • MAL Rating: 7.47
  • Director: Manabu Ono

Saki Miyanaga is a high school freshman who doesn’t like mahjong. When she was younger, her mahjong-obsessed family — usually her older sister would get upset if Saki won.

However, if she lost, she would lose her New Year’s gift money. Despite being emotionally scarred, she is curious enough to follow her friend to the school’s mahjong club. There, she rediscovers her love of mahjong but at the same time, she reawakens an inner demon. And that’s not all she loves, nor does she only have one demon.

Together with her Kiyosumi clubmates, she takes aim at the national mahjong tournament to pursue both her loves and her demons.


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3. Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor


Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

  • MAL Rating: 8.28
  • Director: Yūzō Satō

After graduating from high school in 1996 in Japan, Itō Kaiji moves to Tokyo to get a job, but he fails to find steady employment because the country is mired in its first recession since World War II. Depressed, he festers in his apartment, biding his time with cheap pranks, gambling, liquor, and cigarettes.

Kaiji’s unrelenting misery continues for two years until he is paid an unexpected visit from a man named Endō, who wants to collect an outstanding debt that Kaiji has carelessly co-signed for his former co-worker.

Endō gives Kaiji two options – either spend ten years to repay this outstanding debt or board the gambling ship Espoir (“hope” in French) for one night to clear the debt.

Using a con, Endō pressures Kaiji into accepting the deal, believing he will never come back from the voyage.


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2. One Outs!


One Outs! anime


  • MAL Rating: 8.35
  • Director: Yūzō Satō

Hiromichi Kojima, the star batter of the Lycaons, heads to the southern Japanese island of Okinawa to train and find a new pitcher for the team. There, he meets Toa Tokuchi, a 134-kmph pitcher and the undisputed king of a gambling form of baseball called “One Outs”.

At Kojima’s urging, Tokuchi signs up with the Lycaons under an unusual contract: he gets 5,000,000 yen for every out he pitches, but loses 50,000,000 yen for every point he gives up.

A high-level psychological game of baseball, gambling, and logic is about to begin…


1. Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler


Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler


  • MAL Rating: 7.33
  • Director: Yuichiro Hayashi

The story of Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler takes place at Hyakkaou Private Academy, one of Japan’s most prestigious schools where, unlike normal schools, the hierarchy is determined by gambling.

The main protagonist Yumeko Jabami, a seemingly naive and beautiful transfer student, is ready to try her hand at Hyakkaou’s special curriculum.

Unlike the rest, she doesn’t play to win, but for the thrill of the gamble, and her borderline insane way of gambling might just bring too many new cards to the table.


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Conclusion: 10 Best Gambling Anime Of All Time


These are the gambling anime I would recommend, Kakegurui, Death Parade, and no game no life are my personal favorite gambling anime. Yu-Gi-Oh, One Outs are anime I used to watch in my childhood.


Note: You can watch these anime on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation, but some are not available on any streaming platform.


Let us know which gambling anime you are going to watch? or anime any we miss in the comments section below and be sure to check out anime-related news here.

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