10 Best Iyashikei Anime [ Healing Anime ]

Most weebs start their anime journey with a shounen anime or anime-like death note but in the world of billion people, Many weebs also prefer watching anime like Non-Non Biyori where these animes have a peaceful atmosphere, soothing visuals, and relaxing effect.

Iyashikei Anime is a sub-genre of the Slice of life, where Iyashikei means ‘ Healing’. Iyashikei anime is made to engage positive feelings and get you into a relaxed state of mind.

If you are days are not going well! and you want anime that will get you away from your daily life stress, then we have created a reel down of the 10 best Iyashikei animes.


1. Mushishi


Mushi shi Zoku Shou Iyashikei healing anime


  • MAL Score: 8.68
  • Seasons/Episodes: Season 1 with 26 Episodes, Season 2 with 20 Episodes

Mushishi or Mushi Master in English are the people who have the ability to see and interact with Mushi. Mushi is a ubiquitous living being just like animals, plants, fungi, and bacteria.

Mushi shi is a story of a green eye man Ginko ( Mushi Master), who has dedicated his life to understanding Mushi and traveling from place to place chasing the supernatural occurrences of Mushi and help the people suffering from Mushi.


Mushishi ( Mushi- shi) is available on Hulu, Crunchyroll.


2. Barakamon


Barakamon Iyashikei healing anime


  • MAL Score: 8.40
  • Seasons/Episodes: Season 1 with 12 Episodes

Barakamon is a story about a young and handsome calligrapher Seishuu Handa but narcissist to boot, due to some unexpected events Seishuu’s father exiles him to small Islands, Goto as punishment for his action.

As someone who has never lived outside of a city, Handa has to adapt to his new wacky neighbors, like people traveling on a tractor, unwanted visitors who never use the front door, annoying kids using his home as a playground, etc.

Can this city guy handle all the crazy hardships? Find out during this wacky island comedy filled with innocence and laughter!


Barakamon is available on Funimation, Amazon Prime.


3. Natsume’s Book of Friends


Natsume Yuujinchou Iyashikei healing anime

Natsume Yuujinchou

  • MAL Score: 8.33
  • Seasons/Episodes: Season 1 with 13 Episodes

When Natsume Takashi inherits a book that belonged to his late grandmother he realizes the book is filled with the names of spirits she defeated and bound to her will.

He then decides to return their names so they can be free once again.


Natsume Yuujinchou or Natsume’s Book of Friends is available on Crunchyroll.


4. Bunny Drop

Usagi bunny Drop Iyashikei healing anime

Usagi Drop

  • MAL Score: 8.41
  • Seasons/Episodes: Season 1 with 11 Episodes

Usagi Drop or Bunny Drop is a story of a bachelor, Daikichi Kawachi. At his grandfather’s funeral, He and his family found that he has an illegitimate six-year-old daughter Rin.

Due to the embarrassment of his grandfather’s behavior, Rin was ostracized by his family, and no one wants to take care of her. So, Daikichi decides to take care of Rin. However, it is not as easy as he said.


Usagi Drop or Bunny Drop is Available on Funimation.


5. Laid-Back Camp


Laid Back yuru camp Iyashikei healing anime

Yuru Camp

  • MAL Score: 8.27
  • Seasons/Episodes: Season 1 with 12 Episodes, Season 2 with 13 Episodes

Yuru Camp or Laid-Back Camp revolves around a group of high school girls from the Outdoor Activities Club.

Rin Shima is a High School girl who loves solo camping and her new friend Nadeshiko Kagamihara, who wants to see the famous Mount Fuji. Due to some incidents, Nadeshiko meets Rin when she was camping at a riverside. After that Nadeshiko and Rin become friends.


In Each Episode, you will learn about camping, solo camping, and you will see the beautiful geospots around Mount Fuji.


Yuru Camp or Laid-Back Camp is Available on Crunchyroll.


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6. Non Non Biyori

Non non biyori Iyashikei healing anime

  • MAL Score: 7.95
  • Seasons/Episodes: Season 1 and Season 2 with 12 Episodes

Hotaru Ichijo has recently transferred from Tokyo to Asahigaoka due to her dad’s work transfer. Non-Non Biyori revolves around only five students from a Local School in the small town village of Asahigaoka.

  • Renge Miyauchi ( First Grader and the youngest student ) – Pure, Curiosity, “Nyanpasu!”
  • Suguru Koshigaya ( Ninth Grader ) – Quiet and Elder Brother
  • Komari Koshigaya ( Eighth Grader ) – Diminutive but innocent and easily scared personality
  • Natsumi Koshigaya ( Seventh Grader ) – Rebellious and carefree
  • Hotaru Ichijo ( Fifth Grader ) – Matured and Responsible


Non-Non Biyori is Available on Crunchyroll.

7. Flying Witch


Flying Witch Iyashikei healing anime

  • MAL Score: 7.52
  • Seasons/Episodes: Season 1 with 12 Episodes

Flying Witch is the story of a young witch ‘Makoto Kowata’, with her Companion Chito ( Black Cat ). When she turned 15 years old, she left Yokohama in pursuit of knowledge and training to nature’s bountiful land, Aomori.

Makoto begins her new life with her second cousins, Kei Kuramoto, and her little sister Chinatsu.


Flying Witch is Available on Crunchyroll.


8. Tanaka Kun is Always Listless


Tanaka Kun Iyashikei healing anime

Tanaka Kun Wa Itsumo Kedaruge

  • MAL Score: 7.88
  • Seasons/Episodes: Season 1 with 12 Episodes

A High School Student Tanaka is known for his lackadaisical and ability to fall asleep anywhere. This is Tanaka’s way of life and he prays that every day will be uneventful. So that he can preserve his lazy lifestyle.

However, In high school, He had to constantly exert himself to deal with different situations, leading to some very comical scenes.


Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless is Available on Crunchyroll.

9. Bartender


Bartender Iyashikei healing anime

  • MAL Score: 7.36
  • Seasons/Episodes: Season 1 with 11 Episodes

The Bartender is about a prodigy bartender ‘Ryuu Sasakura’, at the backstreets of Ginza District of Eden Hall.

Ryuu Sevres divine drinks that anyone ever tasted and helps his customers with whatever problems they have.


The bartender is Available on Amazon Prime.


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10. Himouto! Umaru-chan


Himouto Umaru-chan Iyashikei healing anime

  • MAL Score: 7.15
  • Seasons/Episodes:  Season 1 and Season 2 with 12 Episodes Each

Himouto! Umaru-Chan revolves around the daily adventures of a perfect High school girl Umaru Doma until she gets home!

When Umaru is at home she wears her hamster hoodie and transforms from overachieving high school student to a lazy, junk food-eating otaku leaving the household work to her older brother Taihei Doma.


Himouto! Umaru-Chan is available on Crunchyroll


Conclusion: Best Healing or Iyashikei Anime


All these Iyashikei Anime will make your day, my personal favorite anime in these are Non-Non Biyori and Yuru Camp. Let us know which Anime will you watch next or which iyashikei anime you think should be included on this list in the comments section below.


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