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All You Need To About Black Clover Film 2022

Black Clover film movie

“Black Clover film”, In commemoration of the 7th anniversary of serialization Weekly Shonen Jump’s magic fantasy “Black Clover” released a special PV containing new cutscenes for the upcoming movie adaptation! The anime film will be released in 2023! Black Clover…

Minami Mizuno, Author Of Rainbow Days New Manga

Hiiragi-Senpai to Futari-Sama ( Together With Upperclassman Hiiragi )

The Long-Awaited New Manga Serialization by Minami Mizuno from “Rainbow Days” and “Koi Boku”! In Shueisha’s Bessatsu Margaret (Betsuma) Magazine had revealed that the Author of “Rainbow Days”, Minami Mizuno will launch a new manga titled Hiiragi-Senpai to Futari-Sama (…