Fairy Tail Filler and Canon List: Complete List

In this article, we have created the Fairy Tail Filler and Canon List, Fairy Tail’s story, follows the adventures of Natsu Dragneel ( Dragonslayer ), a member of the popular wizard guild Fairy Tail, as he searches the fictional world of Earth-land for the dragon Igneel.


Getting to the main point, if you’ve watched a lot of anime, then you might be familiar with the concept of filler episodes, which tend to focus on non-canon material.

    • FILLER – These episodes do not follow the Original Story.
    • CANON – These episodes are adapted 100% of the manga that follows the Story.
    • MIXED FILLER / CANON – These episodes were adapted from the manga but have filler Snippets.


Quick Fairy Tail Filler And Canon Lists :


This Fairy Tail Filler List will show you all episode types like Canon, Filler, and Mixed Filler and Canon.


Fairy Tail Filler Episodes: 9, 19, 49 – 50, 69 – 75, 125 – 150, 202 – 226, 268

Fairy Tail Mixed Filler and Canon Episodes: 20, 151, 201, 255, 260, 270, 312


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Complete Fairy Tail Filler And Canon List:


Episode No.Epsiode NameEpisode Type
1The Fairy TailCANON
2Fire Dragon, Monkey, and BullCANON
3Infiltrate the Everlue MansionCANON
4Dear KabyCANON
5The Wizard in ArmorCANON
6Fairies in the WindCANON
7Flame and WindCANON
8The Strongest TeamCANON
9Natsu Devours a VillageFILLER
10Natsu vs. ErzaCANON
11The Cursed IslandCANON
12Moon DripCANON
13Natsu vs. Yuka the Wave UserCANON
14Just Do Whatever!!CANON
15Eternal MagicCANON
16The Final Showdown on Galuna IslandCANON
18Reach the Sky AboveCANON
20Natsu and the Dragon EggMIXED CANON/FILLER
21The Phantom LordCANON
22Lucy HeartfiliaCANON
2315 MinutesCANON
24To Keep From Seeing Those TearsCANON
25A Flower Blooms in the RainCANON
26Wings of FlameCANON
27The Two Dragon SlayersCANON
28Fairy LawCANON
29My ResolveCANON
30Next GenerationCANON
31A Star Removed from the SkyCANON
32Celestial Spirit KingCANON
33The Tower of HeavenCANON
35Voice of DarknessCANON
36Heaven’s GameCANON
37Armor of the HeartCANON
39Give Our Prayers to the Sacred LightCANON
40Titania FallsCANON
42Battle of Fairy TailCANON
43Defeat Your Friends to Save Your FriendsCANON
44Thunder PalaceCANON
45Advent of SatanCANON
46Clash at Kardia Cathedral!CANON
47Triple DragonsCANON
49The Day of the Fateful EncounterFILLER
50Special Request: Watch Out for the Guy You Like!FILLER
51Love & LuckyCANON
52Allied Forces, Assemble!CANON
53Enter the Oración Seis!CANON
54Maiden of the SkyCANON
55The Girl and the GhostCANON
56Dead Grand PrixCANON
58Celestial SkirmishCANON
59Jellal of Days Gone ByCANON
60March of DestructionCANON
61Super Aerial Battle: Natsu vs. Cobra!CANON
62Wizard Saint JuraCANON
63Your WordsCANON
65From Pegasus to FairiesCANON
66The Power of FeelingsCANON
67I’m With YouCANON
68A Guild for OneCANON
69Call of the DragonFILLER
70Natsu vs. Gray!!FILLER
71Friendship Overcomes the DeadFILLER
72A Fairy Tail WizardFILLER
73Rainbow Cherry BlossomsFILLER
74Wendy’s First Big Job!?FILLER
7524-Hour Endurance Road RaceFILLER
77Earth LandCANON
79Fairy HunterCANON
80Key of HopeCANON
82Welcome HomeCANON
84Fly, to Our Friends!CANON
86Erza vs. ErzaCANON
87We’re Talking About Lives Here!!!!CANON
88For Pride’s Sake, the River of StarsCANON
89The Apocalyptic Dragon Chain CannonCANON
90The Boy Back ThenCANON
91Dragon SenseCANON
92O Living OnesCANON
93I’m Standing Right HereCANON
94Bye-Bye, EdolasCANON
96He Who Extinguishes LifeCANON
97Best PartnersCANON
98Who’s the Lucky One?CANON
99Natsu vs. GildartsCANON
101Black WizardCANON
102Iron SoulCANON
103Makarov ChargesCANON
104Lost MagicCANON
105Fire Dragon vs. Flame GodCANON
106Grand Magic WorldCANON
107Arc of EmbodimentCANON
108Human GateCANON
109Lucy FireCANON
110Dead-End of DespairCANON
111Tears of Love and VitalityCANON
112The One Thing I Couldn’t SayCANON
113Tenrou TreeCANON
114Erza vs. AzumaCANON
115Freezing Fighting SpiritCANON
116Power of LifeCANON
117Rolling ThunderCANON
118The Man Without an EmblemCANON
119Realm of the AbyssCANON
120Daybreak on Tenrou IslandCANON
121The Right To LoveCANON
122Let’s Hold HandsCANON
123Fairy Tail, Year X791CANON
124The Seven Year GapCANON
125The Magic BallFILLER
126True Scoundrels – The Butt Jiggle GangFILLER
127The Terror of Invisible Lucy!FILLER
128Father’s MementoFILLER
129Turbulent Showdown! Natsu vs. LaxusFILLER
130Target: LucyFILLER
131The Fury of LegionFILLER
132Key of the Starry HeavensFILLER
133Travel CompanionsFILLER
134Labyrinth CapriccioFILLER
135Footprints of the MythFILLER
136True Scoundrels, Once AgainFILLER
137Defying CalculationFILLER
138The Course of the Holy WarFILLER
139Time Begins to TickFILLER
140Enter the Neo-Oración Seis!FILLER
141Get the Infinity Clock!FILLER
142Dissonance of BattleFILLER
144Despair UnleashedFILLER
145Real NightmareFILLER
146Time SpiralFILLER
147To the Infinity Castle!FILLER
148Angel TearsFILLER
149I Hear the Voice of My FriendFILLER
150Lucy and MichelleFILLER
152And So We Aim for the TopCANON
153Song of the StarsCANON
154For All the Time We Missed Each OtherCANON
155Crocus, the Flower-Blooming CapitalCANON
156Sky LabyrinthCANON
157New GuildCANON
158Night of Shooting StarsCANON
159Lucy vs. FlareCANON
162Elfman vs. BacchusCANON
163Mirajane vs. JennyCANON
164Kagura vs. YukinoCANON
165Hatred at NightfallCANON
167100 Against 1CANON
168Laxus vs. AlexeiCANON
169Wendy vs. SheliaCANON
170Small FistsCANON
171Naval BattleCANON
172A Parfum For YouCANON
173Battle of the Dragon Slayers!CANON
174Four DragonsCANON
175Natsu vs. the Twin DragonsCANON
176King of the DragonsCANON
177The Eclipse ProjectCANON
178Fairy TacticianCANON
179Gray vs. RufusCANON
180The Hungry Wolf KnightsCANON
181Fairy Tail vs. ExecutionersCANON
182Scorching EarthCANON
183Our PlaceCANON
184The Kingdom ’til TomorrowCANON
185Erza vs. KaguraCANON
186A Future Racing Toward DespairCANON
188Roaring Thunder!CANON
190The One Who Closes the GateCANON
191Natsu vs. RogueCANON
192For Me, TooCANON
193Seven DragonsCANON
194Zirconis’ MagicCANON
195People and People, Dragons and Dragons, People and DragonsCANON
196Sin and SacrificeCANON
197Time of LifeCANON
198Fields of GoldCANON
199The Grand BanquetCANON
200Droplets of TimeCANON
202Welcome Back, FroschFILLER
203Moulin RougeFILLER
204Full Effort Hospitality!FILLER
205Signal of RebellionFILLER
206Library PanicFILLER
207Hisui Rises!FILLER
208Astral SpiritusFILLER
209Wendy vs. Aquarius – Let’s Have Fun in the Amusement Park!FILLER
210Guild Deck vs. Celestial DeckFILLER
211Gray vs. Cancer! Dance Battle!FILLER
212Juvia vs. Aries! Desert Death Match!FILLER
213Erza vs. Sagittarius! Horseback Showdown!FILLER
214Natsu vs. LeoFILLER
215Ophiuchus, the Snake CharmerFILLER
216When the Stars FallFILLER
217Celestial Spirit BeastFILLER
219What a Pure Heart WeavesFILLER
220413 DaysFILLER
221The Labyrinth of WhiteFILLER
223It’s Kemo-Kemo!FILLER
224The Place You Came ToFILLER
225Lightning ManFILLER
226Fairy Tail of the Dead MeeeeeeeeenFILLER
227Morning of a New AdventureCANON
228Wizards vs. HuntersCANON
229Art of RegressionCANON
230The Demon ReturnsCANON
231Gray vs. DoriateCANON
232Voice of the FlameCANON
233Song of the FairiesCANON
234Tartaros Chapter, Prologue – The Nine Demon GatesCANON
235Tartaros Chapter, Prologue – Fairies vs. NetherworldCANON
236Tartaros Chapter, Prologue – The White LegacyCANON
237Tartaros Chapter, Prologue – Natsu vs. JackalCANON
238Tartaros Chapter – Immorality and SinnersCANON
239Tartaros Chapter – Jellal vs. Oración SeisCANON
240Tartaros Chapter – A Place Reached by PrayerCANON
241Tartaros Chapter – The Demon’s RebirthCANON
242Tartaros Chapter – To Let Live or DieCANON
243Tartaros Chapter – Wendy vs. EzelCANON
244Tartaros Chapter – Friends ForeverCANON
245Tartaros Chapter – Hell’s CoreCANON
246Tartaros Chapter – Underworld KingCANON
247Tartaros Chapter – AlegriaCANON
248Tartaros Chapter – A Strike from the StarsCANON
249Tartaros Chapter – Celestial Spirit King vs. Underworld KingCANON
250Tartaros Chapter – Erza vs. MinervaCANON
251Tartaros Chapter – The Boy’s TaleCANON
252Tartaros Chapter – Gray vs. SilverCANON
253Tartaros Chapter – A Silver WishCANON
254Tartaros Chapter – AirCANON
255Tartaros Chapter – SteelMIXED CANON/FILLER
256Tartaros Chapter – Final DuelsCANON
257Tartaros Chapter – Wings of DespairCANON
258Tartaros Chapter – Fire Dragon Iron FistCANON
259Tartaros Chapter – 00:00CANON
260Tartaros Chapter – The Girl in the CrystalMIXED CANON/FILLER
261Tartaros Chapter – Absolute DemonCANON
262Tartaros Chapter – Memento MoriCANON
263Tartaros Chapter – Soaring Above IshgarCANON
264Tartaros Chapter – Drops of FireCANON
265Tartaros Chapter, Finale – Where the Power of Life LiesCANON
266The Fairy In Your HeartCANON
267The Adventure BeginsCANON
268Treasure HuntFILLER
269Dancing with BladesCANON
271Blue SkullCANON
272Conveyer of MagicCANON
275Eternal AdventureCANON
277Message of FlameCANON
278The Lamia Scale Thanksgiving FestivalCANON
279Because of LoveCANON
281Underground ClashCANON
282The Purification PlanCANON
285The 7th Guild MasterCANON
286Law of SpaceCANON
287Emperor SprigganCANON
288To the God-Forsaken LandCANON
289Mavis and ZerefCANON
290Fairy HeartCANON
291The Magnolia Defensive WarCANON
292Morning StarCANON
293For Whom the Parfum FlowsCANON
294Natsu vs. ZerefCANON
295Across 400 YearsCANON
296What I Want to DoCANON
297Not Until the Battle is OverCANON
298In a Silent TimeCANON
299Natsu, Revived!!CANON
300Historia of CorpsesCANON
302The Third SealCANON
303Together, AlwaysCANON
304Fairy Tail ZeroCANON
305White DragneelCANON
306The Winter WizardCANON
307Gray and JuviaCANON
308The Mightiest Demon of the Book of ZerefCANON
309Broken BondsCANON
310Pleasure and PainCANON
311Natsu’s HeartCANON
312Sting, the White Shadow DragonMIXED CANON/FILLER
313Dragon SeedCANON
314Master EnchantCANON
315Dragon or DemonCANON
316Gray’s Trump CardCANON
317Dark FutureCANON
318My Name Is…CANON
320Neo EclipseCANON
321Blind to LoveCANON
322The Gate of VowsCANON
323Raging Fire of the DragonCANON
324When the Fire DiesCANON
325World DestructionCANON
326Magic of HopeCANON
327Hearts ConnectedCANON
328Dearest FriendsCANON

  If you come down here, I suggest you watch Fairy Tail’s filler episodes as most of the weebs will not rewatch these anime series. This filler episode will help in knowing or developing the anime characters.


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