‘Influenced By Anime’, Middle School Principal Warns Parents

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Melanie Arias, The principal of Tuloso-Midway Middle School said the students are being influenced by anime, where she described as a “genre of graphic animation available to anyone on social media.”


Parents received the short e-mail with no detail Thursday and it was then posted to a group on Facebook called TM Parents Page.


The email wrote:

“We have noticed that some students are being influenced by anime, a genre of graphic animation available to anyone on social media. Please be aware of what your child may be watching on their devices, while online. At Tuloso-Midway Middle School, we promote health and safety. We strive to surround our students around positive experiences that promote good decision making”


TMMS influenced by anime


Tuloso-Midway Middle School Student Parents received this email, with no further details about why this kind of email was sent to them.


However, anime fans can take a guess that some students might be enjoying anime during their school time, or the principal might have caught a glimpse of the “darker side” of the anime genre. The screenshot of this email was then shared with many Facebook groups.


Is anime a bad influence on children?


Well, From one point of view it is anime a bad influence but anime as a whole, It’s not a bad influence on children. There are anime like high school dxd, prison school, and many more which are not made for middle schoolers to watch, and they can easily access them.


As a Fellow Weeb, I can understand why the middle school principal is concerned but there are also very educational and entertaining anime like Heike Monogatari which teaches about Japanese history and its culture, anime like Bakuman which teaches how manga is created, and about manga artists lifestyle.


There are many places a student can get bad influence, for example, Youtube which is accessible by everyone, there are many videos that are not for the students.

youtube bad influnce


As you can see in this article Adult Content Disguised as Kids Videos is Flooding YouTube.


Solution if children’s are Influenced By Anime


There are always two sides to a coin, As there are many places from a which a student can be badly influenced, Good or Bad, It is the responsibility of parents, teachers to teach them a what is right and what is wrong. We have to monitor our child’s or student’s activity and council from time to time to tell them about what they are doing wrong and how they can correct themself in a friendly way.


Source: Kiii TV

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