Samsung Waifu Have Gone Viral Overnight !

The New Samsung Assistant or Samsung waifu has taken the internet over a storm and literally became popular overnight. Samsung galaxy waifu, a.k.a Samantha, or only ‘ Sam ‘ in short. Unlike Bixby, the company’s previous virtual assistant, this new version is a 3D (3-dimensional) character. This new Samsung anime girl is being praised as another ‘waifu’ material.

So if you are wondering what would have happened, how would the Samsung waifu become so popular? or who is this Samsung Mascote?



Who is this Samsung Waifu?



Sam — short for Samantha — Samsung Waifu is not an AI avatar but a 3D mascot created and first introduced on May 28th, 2021 by Lightfarm in collaboration with Cheil, the latter of which is a marketing company owned by Samsung.



What made this Samsung anime girl so viral?


A day after the official release, An 18+ commission Artist @JanaiArts reposted four images of Sam, which become viral.


it had over 5,800 retweets and 49,900 likes in just three days, this made the Samsung 3D mascot become Samsung Waifu in the anime community.

Following this Twitter post, several users started reposting Sam. NSFW artworks of her flooded the internet. A separate subreddit and Instagram page called r/SamsungGirlr34 and @samsung.girl.lewds were created to post hentai/ecchi arts of the new Samsung Mascot/Waifu.

Future of Samsung Anime Girl


samsung waifu


The new technology that has gone viral on social media is actually a new assistant. The Assistant is named Samantha, but the netizens call her a Sam. And the coolest thing about this new assistant is that her Avatar is given an Anime form. Anime surely has ventured into some unexpected markets.


It is also said that this new 2d assistant is going to take the place of Bixby, which is the current assistant in Samsung phones.


Bixby is very similar to Siri and Alexa. But these discussions are in the early stages. And nothing is confirmed yet. But the netizens have been commenting about this for a while now. And this news has been a hot topic on Twitter for almost a week now.


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