Top 5 New Anime To Watch In Summer 2021

As the spring season is close to ending, we have to look forward to summer and it’s about to just start in few days. It’s time to make a new watch list as the new anime series is being aired or about to start airing in few days. As you know the spring season has got the biggest hit “Fruits Basket: The final”, now what you anticipate in this season. Let’s find out the Top 5 Summer Anime.

We have got our Top 5 Anime to watch in Summer 2021 to expand your anime watch list. These 5 summer anime series have already begun broadcasting.


1. The Case Of Vanitas


The case of vanitas

Vanitas no Karte

  • MAL Score: 7.84
  • Genres: Historical, Supernatural, Vampire, Fantasy, Shounen

The case of vanitas is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Jun Mochizuki.

The story follows around the vampires in Paris and a historical book named “the book of fantasy” that is connected to the original Vanitas, the vampire of the Blue moon who was hated by the vampire of the Red moon society in vampire society.



If you are a fan of vampire anime series then you will love this anime. It has a very good plot and amazing animation, with a well-developed character like “Vanitas” with his Blue eyes makes him more attractive to the audience.

Noe Archiviste meets Vanitas while he was traveling to Paris in search of “the book of Vanitas”. Vanitas claims that he is a doctor for vampires.


Available on: Hulu, Funimation 


2. The Detective Is Already Dead


The Detective Is Already Dead

Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru.

  • MAL Score: 7.83
  • Genre: Mystery, Comedy, Drama, Romance

It is Japanese light novel series written by Niguoju and illustrated by Umibozu. An anime television premiered on July 4, 2021.

The story follows “Kimihiko Kimizuka” as the main character of this series who always get caught in some trouble, from getting caught up in a crime scene to accidentally witnessing a drug deal.



Some day he got in trouble again and sent to an aeroplane with a briefcase, carrying an unknown weapon that he didn’t know until he meets a silver hair girl named “siesta” who claimed to be an Ace Detective, dragging Kimizuka into the case as her assistant. They took down criminal organizations, saving thousands of lives.


Available on: Funimation, Hulu


3. Peach Boy Riverside


Top 5 Must Watch Anime Of The Summer

  • MAL Score: 7.83
  • Genre: Mystery, Comedy, Drama, Romance

Peach Boy Riverside is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Coolkyousinnya, an anime television series adaptation has started airing in July 2021. The series is animated by Asahi Production and directed by Shigeru Ueda.



Once upon a time, a princess who has been bored of his luxurious life begins her journey by leaving behind his tiny little castle in the countryside – the reason for leaving her castle was boredom.

“Saltorine Aldike or Sari” is a bright and cheerful princess who wants to go on an adventure because she can’t spend her time staying at one place.

The story is very interesting where a hoard of vicious demons knowns as “oni”, threatening the lives of everyone defeated by a lone traveler named “Kibitsu Mikoto” who slays these monsters with a mysterious “Peach eye”.


Available on: Crunchyroll


4. Scarlet Nexus


Scarlet Nexus

  • MAL Score: 6.70
  • Genres: Action, Military, Sci-Fi, Super Power

Scarlet Nexus is an anime adaption produced by sunrise of an action role-playing game developed by Bandai Namco Studio. It was announced on March 18, 2021.


Those days when we used to watch power rangers have come again with anime adaptation where all the character transform their cloth into designing dress or costume that enhances their power. The story of Scarlet Nexus revolves around people who have different types of psychic power.


In Solar calendar Year 2020, Grotesque Organisms called “Others” have begun eating people, and to take down this new enemy, an elite team has formed with their psychic powers, they began fighting with this new enemy.


Available on: Funimation


5. How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom


How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom

Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki

  • MAL Score: 7.40
  • Genres: Action, Military, Harem, Magic, Romance, Fantasy

The story follows Kazuya Sōma, a humanities-student-turned-hero as he pulls on his knowledge of realism and Machiavellianism in order to rebuild the kingdom.



Another Isekai harem anime series with a pretty good plot and top-tier animation. The main protagonist Kazuya Souma is surprisingly transported to another world by Hero summoning ritual like you have seen in many isekai anime series but this is different.

In this series our MC, instantly get the throne of the Kingdom of Elfrieden and engaged with the princess “Liscia Elfrieden”, now he has become The King.

Souma’s idea of heroism is more practical than most. He wants to rebuild the flagging economy of the new land he’s found himself in! Betrothed to the princess and abruptly planted on the throne, this realist hero must gather talented people to help him get the country back on its feet—not through war, or adventure, but with administrative reform!

(Source: Seven Seas Entertainment).


Available on: Hulu, Funimation


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Conclusion: Top 5 Anime to watch in Summer 2021


Summer is about to begin and some of the anime series have already started. The enjoyment of watching new anime series is like can’t-wait-for-another-week. These 5 anime has already been started broadcasting on anime sites.

This list only contains 5 anime that I picked after watching 1 and 2 episodes of these anime. If I like it then you will like it too.


Let us know which summer anime you are going to watch in the comment section or which summer anime we miss. Also, check out more anime-related news here.

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